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Naturally, Charlie - S.L. Scott

This was a cute and simple love story that had a very different feel from the usual commitment-phobic alpha hero story.
It had a bit of a slow start for me but after about 60% it picked up.

What I liked most about this, is that the H & h were (unfortunately insta-) friends first.
I get SO tired of the insta-lust/love and sex-is-the-same-as-love trope in so many books these days.

Some of the issues that knocked off stars were that having 2 Charlie's became confusing. I had to double check the beginning of the chapters a few different times to see whose POV I was reading.
Also, man Charlie was a bit too beta for me and he seemed a little to good to be true. He was way more patient with girl Charlie than I was and he came across as flat. I had a hard time sympathizing with girl Charlie. I wasn't always clear about her reasoning.
Then there's the reconcilliation/ending. It didn't work for me. It felt, well...unnatural.