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Suicide Note

Suicide Note - Teresa Mummert Yet another highly rated book that fell way short for me.First, this was supposed to be first person POV and it switched from heroine to hero depending on the chapter. Way too often we were with Shane's POV and we are witnessing what Jenn's doing when she's not in his view. On the other end of the phone or behind a closed door.It was incredibly confusing.Second, the story was disjointed and choppy. Each chapter is dated. This would go forward or back in time in a way that didn't make a lot of sense. I can't remember the exact date in my own life let alone from chapter to chapter in a book. Again, incredibly confusing.Third, as far as the love?.... Didn't feel it. Why did they fall in love? Why was Shane such a dick at the airport? There's more but I don't want to ad spoilers.Last, (not really but it's all I'm going to list) I wanted the issue with Jenn's ex-fiance dealt with differently. I must be a vengeful person but what happened there was freaking unforgivable.And her family sucked.