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Mackenzie's Mountain

Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard 4 1/2 starsMy first Linda Howard and I loved it!The heroine, Mary, made the story. She was funny, innocent, witty, honest, and fiercely protective.The premise of the story is bigotry in a small Wyoming town. Mary is the new school teacher who comes and turns the town on its ear. She meets Wolf, a "half-breed" and doesn't see him as anything but a man.I experienced such a wide range in this book, from serious anger to laugh out loud moments.This was one of my favorite bits:"Wolf clenched his teeth, partly because she was white and therefore not for him, partly because she was so damned innocent, and partly because he wanted so fiercely to touch her that his entire body ached. "Don't build any dreams because I kissed you Saturday" he said harshly. "I've been too long without a woman, and I'm--""Horny?" she supplied.He was staggered by the incongruity of that word coming from her prim mouth, "What?""Horny," she said again. "I've heard some of my students say it. It means--""I know what it means!""Oh. Well, is that what you are? Still are, for all I know"Looking forward to enjoying the rest of the series and Linda Howard.