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Fallen Angel (Signet Regency Romance)

Fallen Angel - Charlotte Louise Dolan Hmmm......This book was a little weird. I liked it. There was so much dysfunction that I couldn't put it down!Our heroine, Verity, is treated like crap by her family. They are mean, manipulative and incredibly disrespectful. But Verity's love is unconditional and she accepts her lot in life with a good attitude. Very Cinderella.Our hero, Gabriel, is disconnected from people and has raging anger issues. I swear he has a personality disorder. His focus in life is power and money....until he meets Verity. Then it's power, money and making Verity fall in love with him.Now because Gabriel is Gabriel, he's rude and moody and treats Verity like crap.So, of course, Verity falls in love with Gabriel because, hey, that's what love is. Right? Like I said, dysfunctional.Still, it was such a spectacle, I could not tear myself away. It was fun to watch Gabriel struggle and find out he's kind and fair. And even though it was wrapped up very quickly, the ending was heartwarming. I ended up really liking Gabriel and could easily imagine a Happily Ever After.