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A Summer to Remember (Bedwyn Family Series)

A Summer to Remember - Mary Balogh Kit is a carefree rogue. He is no gentleman. Lauren is a proper lady, frigid with propriety.Two people could not be more opposite.There are plenty of reviews to give the complex tale of how they form a false betrothal so I won't go into that. I will say though, I learned that each have a carefully crafted mask to hide their deep wounds.In the beginning, I had a huge dislike for Lauren. I'm not sure I've ever run into a heroine that was SO uptight.But I grew to LOVE her. Watching her unravel and become herself. Kit helping her find joy and learn to live.It was incredible. Mary Balogh paints a most beautiful summer where there's happiness, pain and healing whileKit and Lauren develop a friendship that subtly evolves into love. It was very touching.