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Slightly Married (Bedwyn Family Series)

Slightly Married - Mary Balogh Lisa Kay mentioned to me that Mary Balogh's voice doesn't speak to everyone. I can certainly understand that.She has a very different style and I wish I could articulate what it is. Words like subtle, complex, evocative and a bit formal...come to mind. That said, this was a great story with unique characters and a (almost painfully) slow build to a believable romance. (I kept looking at the % marker on my kindle to see how much longer I'd have to wait for them to declare their love!)I loved Eve, the heroine. She was compassionate and had a deeply generous heart. The perfect person to love a man like Aidan. He was incredibly complex and had become numb and detached because of his "duty".Not to mention, he belonged to a pompous-assed family. I can't wait to read his brother Wulf's story and see that guy fall HARD!