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I Kissed an Earl (Pennyroyal Green Series #4)

I Kissed an Earl (Pennyroyal Green Series #4) - 3 1/2 starsI had a tough time getting into this book. It felt awkward, like the author wasn't quite sure who the characters were. First we have Violet. She's supposed to be mischievous, intelligent, witty, but I found her to be a bit conceited and boring. Then, Flint was just plain hard to get to know. And I wanted him to shut up about his mistress! There wasn't much insight to his thoughts. I felt like there was a lot of telling and not a lot of showing. And, I was bugged by the internal narration between the dialogue. It was so long sometimes, I forgot what they were talking about. Then about half way through, JAL finally found her groove. I started to enjoy the story and adventure. Violet grew on me and Flint was dominant and sexy (even though I still didn't get to know him very well).Mostly it made me want to read Lyon Redmond's story. All in all, I generally like JAL's style. The first two books were great and look forward to # 5 in the series.